With winter in full force, naturally spending more time inside, it is nice to reflect on the seasons past…for me mostly the summer season. We are fortunate to live in Canada for many reasons, and having 4 seasons is just one of those. Each season has its unique likes and dislikes and weather is always a common topic between Canadians and seasons alike. 
As I reflect on the seasons I think a lot about weather patterns and climate change…seasons today are less predictable then they were when I was a child. One way to combat these changes in weather and work towards giving back to the earth, as well as to ourselves and community is turning our outdoor spaces into Edible Landscapes. Here are some of the benefits:

Combats Climate Change
-Reduce climate pollutants by using organic gardening methods
-Build soil nutrients- as oppose to lawns that suck nutrients out of the soil
-Provide a welcoming space for pollinators- insects, birds and other wildlife..including you!
-Reduce Carbon footprint- turn your lawn into Food! Helps minimize food transport as well!

What I can offer in assisting you towards your goals of a beautiful edible space:
-A weekly food box (dependant on season/ availability)
-Fresh “Still Living” Food!! – grown for you, eaten by you. 
-Better tasting, healthier food for you, your family and friends
– Provoking conversations about food
-Beauty- Sensory Appeal on all levels!
-Help subsidize food costs
-Organically grown
-Spreads awareness and supports local food movements
-Low maintenance, Edible Ecosystems

And so much more! Think about it! Maybe next spring you just might want to start turning your yard/ outdoor space, big or small, into an edible paradise too! Reflect on it.

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