Edible Flowers

This season Edible Creations will be offering a variety of potted edibles for your yards, patios and balconies. This is a great way to incorporate something fresh and vibrant to your plate minimal maintenance. I will be creating 4 different edible pots- for shady and sunny spots! Herb pots, Flower pots, Greens pots and Mixed Veggie pot.

Edible Flowers are one of the most exciting additions to any salad, entree or dessert creating beauty, zest and a conversation! Children and adults alike love to try a fancy flower on their plates! Here are a few favorites!

Pansy’s offer a vibrant splash of colour with little added flavour. The petals are mild and highly decorative making them an attractive addition to desserts and fruit salads!

Lavender is a flavourful delicate touch to sweeter treats. It does have a strong flavour so sprinkling a few pieces onto a cake or even into a glass of chilled sparkling wine or water adds a pop of flavour and colour.

Chamomile is a pretty perennial for a ground cover in the garden but is also a yummy soothing and relaxing tea that can be harvested and enjoyed all year long. You can steep this flower fresh or dried.

Nasturtiums are one of my favourites. They look great in the garden, containers and in your favourite stir fries and salads. Their bright colours and peppery, sometimes spicy flavour is an excellent addition to many dishes.

Violas or violets come in an array of varieties, colours and sizes but are mostly sweet and lightly perfumed in flavour. They can be enjoyed on pretty much anything and look great on desserts, in drinks and on salads. They are also delicious candied!

Beautiful and Edible! What a great combination of things to enjoy all summer long!

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