I moved to the countryside when I was young and the trial and error of raising animals and food became the norm. After studying Urban Agriculture in Havana, Cuba I began to get more involved in urban food movements in the Americas- including downtown Toronto with Greenest City a food security organization. Social Justice and Food Security are the roots of my passions and dreams for the future- from woofing in Latin America to lavish landscaping in the GTA. From working with children and youth around Food Education with Loving Spoonful here in Kingston to Women’s farming cooperatives in Nicaragua with CUSO International .¬†Learning how to keep bees of my own to hauling carrots out of the clay at Patchwork gardens– the best carrots ever I may add! My love of food, my desire to create accesible nutritious food systems in our cities, talk, share and educate are the drivers of Edible Creations. All of this is beautiful, and natural. I believe that everyone has a right and deep down a desire to grow and/or access fresh healthy food in their own space- big or small- sometimes you just need a helping hand! Here it is- if you want it!¬†